Junior Strength Academy

About the JSA

The Junior Strength Academy was formed in 2017 after Future PT's founder Sean Miles gained huge success with several junior athletes. Sean's passion to educate those under 16 to develop their skills and support them in becoming a better all round athlete is what drove the formation of the JSA.

Sean has gained massive success in sports ranging from boxing, Judo and football, however his thirst to learn about all sports and implement his knowledge has meant the demand for children's elite training with him.

The JSA is designed to improve children's:

- Strength

- Endurance

- Flexibility

- Mobility

- Power

- Speed

- Agility

- Nutrition

- Recovery

The JSA is aimed at children from the ages of 8 to 14 years old.

Our objective is to create the champions of tomorrow in a fun and safe environment,

"Creating the champions of tomorrow"