JSA Athlete Pathway 

JSA Athlete pathway.png

The JSA athlete pathway is a unique system and what sets us apart from everyone else.

Our 8 point structure is designed to produce the great all round athlete. 


Throughout each phase JSA athletes are analysed and assessed on all the above aspects where they are then matched against our pathway criteria to determine which level they currently sit.

There are 5 levels per aspect, level 1 being the start and level 5 being the highest level available.

These levels have been set based on thousands of sessions taken and data we have collected, as well as our own experience with junior athletes. 

This system also gives athletes a chance to see their progress, they can then aim for certain levels and know where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

To get a copy of each aspect and the criteria needed for each level please contact us and we would be happy to share.