Junior Strength Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

What age are the children that attend the academy?

Children are aged between the ages of 8 years and 15 years of age. Children will be split into specific ages at each session as their age will determine which equipment can be used.

How long are the sessions?

Each session is 1 hour long.

What will the children  be doing during the sessions?

This academy is about developing, educating and assessing children throughout. This means the sessions are of course practical based. Each session will be specific to a principle of fitness such as speed, plyometrics, power, strength etc. They will also learn about nutrition and recovery each session. This is to give them idea of what will benefit them regardless of age.

What should they wear?

A JSA training top can be bought from kitlocker and this is to be worn at each session, they can wear shorts or tracksuit bottoms and correct trainers or astro trainers as we will be outside on the astro turf.

What do they need to bring to the sessions?

They need to bring a bottle of water to each session.

What happens after the 12 weeks?

After the 12 week course there is a 1 week break, if a child wants to re-sign for the next course then they will get first choice before spaces are released to the public. No session is ever the same so we do not repeat the course again it is progressive for the children that attend more than one course

How do we know if my child is progressing?

Each child will have specific testing completed and they will get to see their progress throughout.

Is this academy for any sport?

Yes, this academy is based around us improving your child’s athleticism for every sport. They will improve every area which will then in turn maximise their performance in their chosen sports. 

What happens if my child misses a session?

If your child misses a session they will lose that session it does not get carried over on to the next course.


If you have any questions that are not answered on here please feel free to contact us and ask.